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Where the donations come from . . . .


Individuals can donate to our organization which is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and makes your donations tax deductible.


Businesses can support the fund with donations of money, merchandise, gift certificates or in-kind donations for events.


The event has special business sponsor opportunities.  Contact Deb Mog, Corporate Sponsorship Chair, at 785-252-7261, before May 15th of each year to sponsor the annual event.


What can you donate?


  • Money

  • Luminaries

  • Merchandise

  • Gift Certificates

  • In-kind donations

  • Your time - Committees, volunteer to drive people for treatments, and more.  Contact Deb Mog for volunteer opportunities at 785-252-7261

Deb Mog, Chair & Corporate Sponsor

Arlen Schultz, Co-Chair

Camille Beckman, Secretary

Hank Carreon, Treasurer & Logistics

Season Wacker, Team Recruitment

Kathy Carreon, Public Relations/Newspaper

Lindsay Mog, Photographer & Social Media

Tina Davis, games

Committee members: Tammy Parish, Dawn Dolezal, Stacy Hamontree, Linda Kohls, Jeannie Kline & Shannon Mog

Where does the money go?


Ellsworth County Cancer Fund is now a separate 501(c)(3).  There is still a fund at the Smoky Hills Charitable Foundation.  However, all requests for support go through Deb Mog at the ECCF.  If you need assistance during your cancer treatment, please contact Deb Mog at 785-252-7261 for an application.

 Mail donations and correspondence to: 
Ellsworth County Cancer Fund
c/o Deb Mog, 122 N. Douglas, Ellsworth, KS  67439

To see 2017 Mark Hoffhines' remarks click HERE

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