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This is "OUR" FUND.  We are committed to raising money for those right here in the community.  Our mission is to help through support & inspiration.  From helping survivors with health care bills and treatment to providing support for their families. 


Ellsworth County Cancer Fund is affiliated with the Smoky Hills Charitiable Foundation, Ellsworth, Kasnas.


All donations to Ellsworth County Cancer Fund are tax deductible, as the Fund is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization organized under the Internal Revenue Service.


Thank you to everyone that participated in our 10 Annual Triathlon on June 14, 2019.  It was another successful year but had to leave early due to the weather moving in. So here are the results for this year.  Total money raised is $52,887.04 so far.  Top Team Money Raisers are 1st place Mog family $7603, 2nd place ECF team $6328, 3rd place Finke’s family $4395 and 4th place Wilson First Baptist Church $3475.79. Top teams on the Games are 1st place ECMC/EMS, 2nd place Wilson First Baptist Church, 3rd place ECF, 4th place is Finke’s family.  Top teams on most laps walked is 1st place Schultz family, 2nd place Finke’s family, 3rd place First Bank Kansas, 4th place is ECF. Top Team Competitions results are 1st place is ECF, 2nd place is First Baptist Church, 3rd place is Finke’s Family and 4th place is Mog family. I hope that everyone had a great time.  See you next year, Deb Mog

2020 Date Set!
June 12, 2020 -- write it on your calendar now!
Contact Deb Mog and the Committee to plan your corporate sponsorship.  

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